INSIDE UA: Passion, Purpose, and FABRICS.

Founded in 2021 - the Uniform Atelier has been dedicated to redefining identity through custom uniforms that seamlessly blend style, functionality, and individuality.

Committed to sustainability and customer-centricity, we craft experiences that empower individuals and organizations to express their unique identity. Join us in setting new standards for customized excellence and making a positive impact on how the world dresses for success.

How does the customization process work? 

Frequently asked queSTions

Our customization process is seamless. With the guidance of our design team, clients can choose from a range of fabrics, styles, and design elements - creating a completely bespoke solution. Essentially - the sky is the limit.  
How long does it typically take to receive a custom uniform order?
The turnaround time varies based on the complexity and size of the order. On average, our clients can expect their custom uniforms, from conception to delivery, to be delivered within 8 weeks. We strive to provide fast turnaround while maintaining our commitment to quality products.  
What is the lead time for reorders?
We make reordering for custom pieces especially easy. Once the initial order has been delivered, we will order 20% of your order and keep inventory in our warehouse at no extra cost to you - this way, when you're team is ready to make another order we will have stock ready and delivered to you in 4-5 days.
Is there a minimum order quantity for custom uniforms?
While we accommodate orders of all sizes, our flexible approach means there's no strict minimum order quality. Whether you have a team of 5 or 500, we're here to meet your needs! 
Do you have a size chart, or is it one-size-fits-all?
We celebrate all shapes and sizes - ask us for our size chart to find your perfect fit. Should there be requirements that sit outside of our size charts, we are happy to make custom sized pieces with the exact measurements. Our goal is to make sure everyone looks and feels great in their uniforms.
What is I'm not satisfied with my custom uniforms? 
Your satisfaction is our top priority! If you're not feeling the love, reach out to us. We'll work with you to make it right and ensure you're 100% satisfied with your custom pieces.
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